CP Time: Why Some People Are Always Late J.L. King



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CP Time: Why Some People Are Always Late  by  J.L. King

CP Time: Why Some People Are Always Late by J.L. King
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Everyone has a story of being the victim of CP time. Its been responsible for the termination of jobs and relationships, and for delaying weddings and even funerals. CP Time is the first book to examine a behavior that crosses all social economic lines within the black community in a way that will bring smiles and groans of recognition to victims and culprits alike.

In brisk, engaging chapters, J.L. King provides humorous examples and personal stories, voicing the opinions of those who view habitual lateness as just part of being black, and those who see it as a more serious problem. Recounting the reasons and excuses offered in CP times defense, King provides a wry and often hilarious history of how and why the phenomenon began. Light-hearted yet enlightening, CP Time makes a perfect gift for the chronically tardy -- and all those affected by them.

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