Andante 1 Miho Obana

ISBN: 9784088563268

Published: 2001


176 pages


Andante 1  by  Miho Obana

Andante 1 by Miho Obana
2001 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 176 pages | ISBN: 9784088563268 | 6.72 Mb

Review for volumes 1 - 3 (complete series)So, the good thing about Miho Obana is that she doesnt write typical cutesy-pink girls mangas. Theres usually a slightly darker and realistic tone to her stories, her characters arent some stereotypes, but feel very much like normal people, and the plot isnt predictable and doesnt necessarily end with a happy couple or even worse the clichéd dream wedding.

Personally, I also really enjoy Obanas humor.Yet despite all this, Andante didnt leave much of an impression on me. It might be Obanas most unremarkable work. I think its mainly because, as the title suggests, its a very slow moving Slice-of-Life story about music and a little bit of family drama.

Actually, it has a lot of potential drama, with topics like neglected children and incest, but thats never presented in a very dramatic way. Obanas art is also quite lacking, like many other manga artists especially when it comes to movement and facial expressions, so that didnt really help the impact of the story.Overall, Andante is a rather lighthearted, but never superficial series with a message about being self-confident and pursuing your dreams.

Theres nothing wrong with it, but theres also nothing memorable about it. Id recommend it too young readers who like music.

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