How Ruby Got There Red Jordan Arobateau


Published: November 1st 2012

Kindle Edition

189 pages


How Ruby Got There  by  Red Jordan Arobateau

How Ruby Got There by Red Jordan Arobateau
November 1st 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 189 pages | ISBN: | 8.52 Mb

This glitzy, fast moving piece races along off the page, fresh from the ho track into the readers mind. RUBY has quite a bit of sexual content. None of it about Ruby’s ‘dates’ or ‘Johns’, (barely worthy of mention) but only between her sorry parents in the welfare project where she grows up, and between Ruby & her ‘men’.-- Some prefer to call them pimps.

Ruby is a character who appears in several of Master Author Arobateau’s novels -- BARS ACROSS HEAVEN, and HO STROLL. In this tale we frequent some of the same lowlife dives we’ve been to before in Red’s aforementioned works. We are introduced to a secession of ‘managers’ including fabulous and crazy hi-yella Reginald: “The next pimp Ruby met didn’t even share a car, but came walking up the street--albeit with a mean strut and a pimp cane.” More about Reggie: “He was so fine he didn’t have to mack.

All he had to do was walk into a room and stay long enough for the shy girls to get up their nerve to approach him. He was like a housecat taken in out the alley. Women took him home with them and set him up on pillows at his ease, so they could enjoy him and take him around town and show him off!-- He said: “I can go down to the gutter baby, but not loose my glitter. I got class. Once you got it, you never loose it. It just gets rusty sometimes. It’s like learning how to ride a bike, you never forget how. You never loose class.

--Even when you fall. You can be in the gutter, folks look at you and see that class shining thru. Niggas are dying to get what I got. I’m bourgeoisie and don’t forget it!” We meet a succession of pimps who try dipping their hand into Ruby’s purse, including one hard-nosed Bad Bulldagger whose raw, hard, gritty true-to life portrayal is astounding!

--Both in bed and out!Arobateau does not glorify the Fast Life, al la The Happy Hooker. There are poignant observations of Ruby: “She was being turned into a human trap. One that catches people to use them for all they can get. Somewhere in a part of her brain, or a sector of her heart, the real Ruby --that had begun as a child, was beginning to get harder to find.” There’s a Moral to this story- Sister Ruby is contrasted with another black sista-- Betty, the same age and from the similar circumstances of poverty: “While scatter-brained Ruby was throwing away her hard hoed dollars right & left on dope, junkfood from the shanty take-out joints, fantastic motel bills and an increasing wardrobe, plus taxis and liquor bills-- the dues of being in The Life-- Betty was steady accumulating her smaller dollars into a big green pile.

She knew she better get whilst the gitten’ was good.” Red Jordan shares some Feminist Theory with his readers: “Ruby was struggling. Fighting for that lean mean green dollar out on the evil streets among cutthroats.--Privately she was struggling--fighting the battle everywoman wages on a male-dominant earth- to take her space in the world! To know her beauty! To realize her power! To grow up into a woman and a full humanbeing.” Arobateau has some good political viewpoints about The Game- which we don’t find in Iceberg Slim or Donald Goins who chiefly write from a old fashion sexist point of view.

Red’s take on the whole affair is piquant: “Prison guards will tell you the pimp is one of the meanest prisoners on the cell block. Dirty double dealing- mean as a woman and a man all rolled into the same body. They combine the bitchy viciousness of a woman on her menstrual rag, combined with brawny muscles & male ruthlessness. Like a cat’s mind graphed onto a dawg’s body.”-- “Pimps are male chauvinists and male chauvinists are afraid of the truth because they are going to hear things they don’t want to hear.

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