Terrible Eek Patricia A. Compton

ISBN: 9780671737375

Published: September 15th 1991


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Terrible Eek  by  Patricia A. Compton

Terrible Eek by Patricia A. Compton
September 15th 1991 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 1 page | ISBN: 9780671737375 | 8.56 Mb

Personal Reaction:I really enjoyed this book! Something that really caught my attention after I finished reading it was that the man made himself vulnerable when he spoke about his fears and two out of three of them were listening and gained a confidence from their power and the fear the man has of them. Even though he made himself vulnerable by speaking aloud of his fears in the face of them, he was still safe and his family was protected because he knew something his predators didnt (what a leak was). Because of this higher knowledge, the man was able to overcome the wolf and theft without even trying to.

Kids would love this book because of the animals, and they try to work together to find the leak,Purposes/Use in the Classroom:Read aloud-This book could be used to make a cultural connection to Japan because it is originated from Japan. If the classroom is learning about different and unique cultures, this is one book that could be read to learn more about Japan. The illustrations show traditional Japanese wardrobes worn by the man and son.Independent Reading-If an individual child wanted to learn more about Japanese culture just for fun or maybe for a school project.

Its for kids in about 2-3 grade independent reading.Literary Elements-The setting is something that could be taught for this story. The time and place was important, as well as the weather. If the theft had not been on the straw roof while it was raining and slippery, he would most likely not have fallen off the roof onto the wolf. The timing of him falling was also critical because it was right after him and the wolf had heard his last fear.

It all fits together because of the setting. It could also be seen as symbolism, which is something that can also be taught for this book.Other as Appropriate:-This book is a Japanese folk tale so it incorporates Japanese culture such as wardrobe into the story.

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